Looking for new Mooc

First I must apologize to mozilla.org as I did enjoy teachtheweb but after week 2 and a laptop issue,  I found I could not get re-interested. I quess this is why I tell people, MOOC’s are not for college students or at least not most of them. It takes a high level of self discipline and a passion for the subject matter.  I quess I am not that passionate about coding. Shame really, teachtheweb explained it well in week 1 “The more you put in/invest the bigger the return”.  I could not get excited enough to invest much and it shows.

I loved mixing pages and boning up my html and css skills but missed not being able to make the weekly session due to logistics. Week three brought grouping and I came in late; no one replied to my Google Plus so there you have it.

I’m way to much of a connectivist to feel so alone and a little behind.  Different from Etmooc, where I had no problem catching up if I lagged off.  But the wierd thing is I finished all of my “assignments” from etmooc.org (though not a valid word for a MOOC I suppose).  Everyweek and day, I looked at my google plus others blogs and had a blast.  This is me.  Not #teachtheweb, which is a total bummer as I really need PD hours after a year of working at the post-secondary  level and doing social media.   I have lost the focus I had for etmooc.  But I’d like to try again.

Anyone of my fellow MOOCer’s have a new MOOC or course to suggest?  I need a new MOOC for the summer.  I am a connectivist at heart and have become a strong believer in connectivism and rhizomatic learning. Thanks to Alec Couros  and Dave Cormier for opening my eyes. 🙂

And to my followers, I missed you, I’ll blog more, I promise, or better yet, I’ll comment more!