Hashtag Seminars

So we’ve been building a new digital humanities tool “Huma Bird Project” and we used it to analyse the #digped hybrid pedagogy chat on twitter

It shows some interesting possibilities for analysis

  1. Do people naturally get locked in to conversations (perhaps @ mentions favour # tweets)?
  2. Do # mention conversations that are started “span” tweets which perhaps makes a conversation harder to join?
  3. Some people tend to enter into replied to conversations more – some people tend to engage with people who don’t reply. Is this just a natural preference?
  4. People who tend be there at the start of a conversation stay till the end, and contribute more?
  5. Most tweets lead to no, or shallow conversations – is this twitter itself, or reflecting larger conversations between a smaller groups (a tweet with a single idea which dominates conversation)
  6. Do the clustering patterns shown on the bi-directional picture represent people grouping round people they know, or people they start chatting to early in the conversation (your student friends aren’t the people you like the most, they just are the people who got there first.

I wonder how this would differ on larger hashtags, or on a hashtag attached to a course ran with students who know each other / have met in the real world.