Bringing the World into the Classroom with Twitter

At TCIS we have adopted Schoology as our primary tool of communication. We have adopted Schoology Groups as a type of blogging format, albeit basic, it is working well. This is however restricted to our immediate school community. What about the big wide world? What about collaborating with others? Living in a non-English speaking country limits the kind of interactions we can have with local Korean schools and distance prevents us from visiting other international schools who are over two hours away in both directions. Enter the wonderful world of Twitter!
We have a small group of classes we are following and also follow a few experts we have linked up with. We have started posting our work and will soon be posting our thoughts and ideas. I had this account set up last year but could never really get it off the ground – this is the year!

Follow us @Grade1TCIS and @MrsLauraW