Video remix

Inspired by #etmooc projects I have had a go at remixing a video for educational purposes.

Professional Ethics is one of the #AAT Level 3 units which I will be teaching over the next term. It is a subject that some of my students have found difficult to get to grips with, its not to do with numbers! So as I caught up with a  recent episode of Prisoners’ Wives on BBCiplayer, one of the storylines was of immediate interest as it dealt with money laundering.  I decided to have a bit of a play around with it and this is what I came up with.


These are the steps I took to create the remix:

First the whole episode was downloaded using ClickView.  I then edited the episode using Windows Live Movie Maker so that I just had the money laundering storyline.  I imported the edited programme into Mozilla PopcornMaker.

I was pleased with the result although it did take quite a long time to make.  However, I will put this time into my ‘learning curve’ bank as time well spent.  I can certainly imagine using this process again to liven up material and make it relevant for my learners.

One thing I’m not to sure about is whether there are any copyright issues with doing this.  Please comment if you can give me any advice.