Hot GIF Kool-Aid’s Ready! Drink Up!

GIFing and ds106 has changed my life forever! Last week in the cult, I mixed up some sweet GIF kool-aid, and served it to other cult members! Fascinated with the concept of the GIF, I called on our ds106 cult to go on an adventure! Why not create original GIFs to create a collaborative digital story?  In true cult form, a bunch of ds106ers guzzled down the idea on the spot! First, we created a Google + community called Collabo-giffing, but realized the design of G+ communities does not support posts to show sequential GIFs and text. Then, Scott Lo suggested I seek “supernatural aid” from the GIF master Michael Branson. I tweeted him a glass of the GIF Kool-aid!

In seconds flat, he drank it, and created, a Word Press site so we could collabogif all we want in proper form! Janet Webster has storified our journey so far, and…

Sandy Brown Jensen reminded us to think of our collaborative story as the hero’s journey! Members have answered the call to adventure, using their strengths to build our collaborative story. Who will be our goddess on our quest to “capture the elixir of life” through GIFing? Will it be Talky Tina? Our goddess, and master of two worlds?! Is Talky the YODA of ds106?!  We will have to wait and see where we choose to go on our collaborative story journey. Our search for “freedom to live” through digital storytelling and GIFs has begun! 

One person creates a GIF with a few lines of text to spark a storyline. The next person’s GIF and text elaborates the previous until the GIF story reaches an ending.  (The idea came to me when I found this site that used GIFs and text to describe how writers feel during process of being published.) 

To participate, you must register on the site first. Someone will promote you to admin, and then you can begin adding GIFs and text to contribute to the storyline. Join us at the Google + Community to meet others and brainstorm ideas too! 

There’s a fresh pot of hot GIF kool-aid to quench your thirst as we tell digital stories together! Pour yourself a glass, and come on over to