Personal Learning Neighbourhood

A few days ago, Ben Wilkoff posted From Network to Neighbourhood, a reflection on the cul-de-sacs of his personal/professional learning network. This morning I was walking when I received a message from Jabiz Raisdana who teaches on the other side of the planet.…

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Wheels Within Wheels

“Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, 
A pattern so grand and complex, 
Time after time we lose sight of the way, 

Our causes can’t see their effects.”


#ETMOOC is Overwhelming.

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Like Spokes on a Wheel

As the ETMOOC gets underway in earnest, many of the participants will be blogging about their learning, some for the very first time.  As participants draw connections between their ideas, these blog posts will rub up against one another, and like spokes centred on a common central idea, we’ll all be able to move forward together.
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