The Free Enterprise System

The FES Unit Plan

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Objectives  Students will become informed of the basic economic freedoms in the free enterprise system.

SWBAT: 80% of students will demonstrate competencies using a variety of assessment with an overall portfolio score of 80% or higher.…

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Career Education and Work

Career Acquisition 101

Objectives – 80% of students will complete the objectives with a minimum of 80% competency.


  1. Create a career portfolio — an individualized collection of material — to be used for mock job interviews and DECA competition
  2. Create a resume, a cover letter and a follow-up thank you letter according to current industry standards
  3. Demonstrate appropriate interview behaviors in a simulated job interview according to teacher criteria
  4. Structure answers to job interview questions using STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result)


Examples of EQ's used throughout the unit.

Examples of EQ’s used throughout the unit.

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