“We’re looking for half seconds to excerpt”

– so ends this intriguing Wired article, “The Animated GIF: Still Looping After All These Years”

I’ve been pondering GIFS and other short bursts of content for the past few weeks, particularly since the illustrious Jim Groom “gave good GIF” in an #etmooc presentation a couple of weeks ago.

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How Life is Like Dinner Theatre: On Embracing Participatory Culture

First watch this:

This was indeed life not too long ago. Until, perhaps, the “YOU” was inserted as a prefix to “TUBE”, among other advances.

In the ’80s, I recall watching Videodrome, primarily because my New Wave idol Deborah Harry of Blondie was starring.…

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“Digital Life”: an augmented music video parody #edcmooc final artifact

For the final assessment task in the “E-Learning and Digital Cultures” MOOC (#etmooc) we were asked to, in the form of a digital artifact/artefact

“express a question, an idea, a problem, a hope, a worry or a provocation that the course has raised for you.

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The Mona Lisa Effect: or Why Da Vinci Would Have Loved Skateboarding

Mona Lisa graffiti stencil

First off, I’m sticking with this title, even though there’s some buzz on the Internet about a very different sort of “Mona Lisa Effect”.

Most of us are quite familiar with the illusive and exquisite Leonardo Da Vinci painting La Gioconda, but we forget to realize that – at least in the artist’s eyes- she was never finished.…

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#winterwondergram: Patterns and Diversions

An Instagram Perspective Story

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with hashtags and social media lately, particularly because:

1. Finding stories with data intrigues me

2. I like the serendipity aspect

3. I want to further explore McLuhan’s “medium is the message/massage” concept

One blog post I’d recommend is this one by Clive Thompson:

“The Tag Is the Soul of the Internet”

He addresses the McLuhan/Innis notion of bias in communication:

“That how a medium functions is far more interesting and powerful than the content that travels over it.”

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To Be or Not to Bedazzled: What Comes First- the Story or the Tool?

While on my nightly scroll through Tumblr I chanced upon this:


I must say it got my  princess hormones all a flutter.

But then I started wondering…would it perform the same way? What if it was impossible to clean? Would people visit my kitchen just to see it?…

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#Lifeinthehood: Digital Storytelling Project #3 for #etmooc

I decided to create a collage of a Little Red Riding Hood themed photo shoot I did with my daughter.

All photos were edited in

I wanted the series of images to hint at the story, and at the end throw in a twist (she’s wearing the wolf as a coat- a reference to the Roald Dahl poem)

A few weeks later, in the wood,
I came across Miss Riding Hood.

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Sixes: 6 Word Story and 6 Songs of Me

I wasn’t really planning to do the 6 word story exercise, but while making breakfast it came to me:

You had me at hello, Cancer


(for some this may seem controversial, but I’m a 6 year breast cancer survivor. Unfortunately, my mom lost her battle with colon cancer 2 years ago.…

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