The Spread of Learning Rhizomes

It would appear that the learning rhizomes are spreading uncontrollably—which, for any trainer-teacher-learner, is a wonderfully positive phenomenon.

etmoocHaving been introduced recently to what Dave Cormier calls rhizomatic learning—a connected learning process that mirrors the spreading of rhizomes so there is no center, just a wonderfully ever-expanding network of learning connections rooted in creation, collaboration, and the building of communities of learning—I now am seeing this connected learning phenomenon nearly everywhere I look.…

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Extremely powerful ideas for new types of face-to-face & web-based collaboration [Tidebreak; Christian]

From DSC:
As a team of us have been charged with putting together a new collaborative workspace/conference room, I’ve been thinking about some ideas for a new type of interface as well as some new types of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to be used in group collaboration/web-based collaboration. 

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Estes são meus alunos em uma experiência com tablets.

Todos gostaram muito. Avaliar sobre os benefícios  em um tablet depende da pratica e do acesso a este artefato tecnológico.  “Tablets are intimate, but not immediate.”  

Em um Congresso, na cidade onde moro, aconteceu um pequeno Seminário (tipo workshop) sobre o meu direcionamento  com os seguintes objetivos:

– envolver pessoas interessadas com a criação de blogs.…

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