Space: How does your workspace affect what you do?

Design Thinking Action Lab

Week 1


Include the following items in the assignment submission box: 
1. A photo of your workspace – at work, at home or elsewhere (*)
2. Three words that describe the space.
3. What you would change in that space and why.
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The power of being able to pursue one’s passion. [Christian]

From DSC:
I appreciate Kevin Wheeler’s comment on Jay Cross’ posting entitled “A Solution to the College Crisis” (emphasis below from DSC)

In response to Jay Cross:

Higher education in the United States is broken. Costs are ouf of control.

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Expert panel brings clarity to MOOCs in Business+MOOCs Hangout

Expert panel brings clarity to MOOCs in Business+MOOCs Hangout — fron

The Business+MOOC Panel
Host: Jay Cross
Educators:  Dave Cormier, Stephen Downes, Terri Griffith and George Siemens
Business People: Jos Arets, Bert De Coutere, Lal Jones-Beyy (from Coursera) Mark Finnern,  Jerry Michalski


Also see:

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Reflections on “Apple University hires another high-profile academic” [Elmer-DeWitt]

Apple University hires another high-profile academic – from by Philip Elmer-DeWitt
Berkeley’s Morten Hansen, co-author of Jim Collins’ latest bestseller, joined in January


FORTUNE — Apple University has always been something of a stealth operation. It was created as a kind of in-house MBA program by Steve Jobs, a self-taught business leader who made no secret of his distaste for conventional MBAs.…

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Could this be a new purpose/goal within K-12, higher ed, and the training departments out there? [Christian]

From DSC:
First, what prompted the questions and reflections that are listed below?  For that, I turn to some recent items that I ran across involving the use of robotics and whether that may or may not be affecting employment:


The work of Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee; for example their book Race Against the Machine

Excerpt of description:

But digital innovation has also changed how the economic pie is distributed, and here the news is not good for the median worker.…

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Extremely powerful ideas for new types of face-to-face & web-based collaboration [Tidebreak; Christian]

From DSC:
As a team of us have been charged with putting together a new collaborative workspace/conference room, I’ve been thinking about some ideas for a new type of interface as well as some new types of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to be used in group collaboration/web-based collaboration. 

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